Fertilizer and Soil

E.B. Stone Organics Tomato & Veggie Fertilizer
Green All Planting Mix

Maxsea Seaweed Fertilizer

Fertilizer & Soil

Why is the quality of the fertilizer you use and the soil you plant with so important? Because without the proper nutrients your plants will not thrive, no matter how healthy they are to start. It’s as simple as that. At West End Nursery, we carry a full line of the highest performing organic fertilizers, soils, manures, composts and mulches, including the ever-popular Paydirt™ from Master Nursery. We also carry Maxsea, Mango Mulch, Green All and Master Nursery soils and fertilizers and the full line of E.B. Stone Organics. 

PAYDIRT  Never heard of it? 

Ask us about it next time you’re in. Hands down, it’s THE best soil amendment to get your beds ready for planting season. It is a unique blend of chicken manure, redwood sawdust, peat moss and mushroom compost. It adds organic matter to the soil, helps loosen hard soils, improves water and root penetration and enhances the bacterial action in the soil. Mix into the soil prior to planting flowers, vegetables and shrubs or use as a top cover for newly seeded lawns.
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