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Gardening and Watering Tools for Marin, CA

Dramm Watering Wands

Irrigation Supplies San Rafael, CA
Protect Your Hands with West County Gloves
Garden Tools San Rafael, CA
We carry a large selection of Watering Cans
Irrigation Supplies San Rafael, CA

Garden Tools & Watering Supplies in San Rafael, CA

Cactus Plants San Rafael, CA
Sourcing from the best vendors around, we carry an extensive line of gardening essentials, including drip systems, irrigation supplies, shovels, pruners, hand tools, watering cans, wheelbarrows and gloves. Our Flexogen hoses have a lifetime guarantee and if anything goes wrong, simply bring it back and we wil give you a new one, no questions asked. We even stock hammers and measuring tapes in case you’re planning a little D.I.Y. project or two. We are also a member of True Value Hardware and would be more than happy to special order or source you something that you are having trouble locating.

Kids' Gardening

For the pint-sized master gardener in the family, we stock a complete line of kids’ garden tools, toys, books and so much more to make gardening fun and educational for the whole family. We believe it is important to introduce kids to the wonders of gardening and how to use tools carefully and properly at a young age. A child's love for gardening can start with just digging in the dirt, but here are some other ideas to encourage children to explore and discover the great outdoors this summer:

  • Plant easy-to-grow flowers together. Sunflowers are fun because they are large, brightly colored and produce a healthy snack to harvest. 
  • Plant herbs and plants with fun smells, textures, and blossoms 
  •  Cosmos, snapdragons, zinnias, coleus and salvia are easy to grow, and then gather for table decorations. 
  • Plant night-blooming plants and explore the garden by moonlight or flashlight.   
Garden Tools San Rafael, CA

We carry all the garden tools you need to create a backyard oasis!

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