We offer a full collection of bird baths, bird houses and feeders. From the time honored quality of Droll Yankee bird feeders to funky new bird houses created from recycled metal roofing, we can help you attract birds to your garden. We also carry an assortment of birdseed and hummingbird nectar. We are always adding different feeders and houses, so check back often for new unique styles.

Bee houses

We are very proud to carry Mason bee houses that are handmade my members of the Cedars Hands and Earth day program that is located right up the street from us. 100% of the profits from these bee houses goes back to the program and it is a really great foundation.

Mason bees are solitary bees that are named for their habit of making compartments of mud in their nests. These bees remain close to their nest and are active from spring to late summer, improving pollination for early spring flowers. Simply hang the bee house in your garden to increase pollination.
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