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Sourcing only the healthiest plants from the most reputable nurseries in California and Oregon, we’ve been working with many of our growers for over 70 years. With deliveries arriving daily, our extensive selection is always blooming with what’s in season as well as year-round indoor and outdoor favorites—from annual flowers to perennial plants, drought resistant plants, tropical plants, and palms. 

Have a special request? No problem. We’ll do everything we can to find what you’re looking for and have it delivered to the nursery. Got a quick question or need a little guidance in your gardening? Our invaluable knowledge and experience with all the microclimates of Marin County and the Bay Area make us experts on which plants and trees will thrive best in your garden.
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It has been amazing to watch the succulent revolution take off. Every day it seems like we see a new variety on our availability lists, and they keep getting more unique. From cool lime green sedums to the dark chocolate and black rosettes of the Echeverria Black Prince, and the funky green leaves covered in white dots of the Aloe, ‘Twilight Zone’, they just get more fun. Of course, their best quality is that they are drought resistant plants, needing very little water and can be used indoors or out. They can easily be combined with other styles of plants and grasses or you can start your own succulent section in your garden.

From drought resistant plants to annual flowers to perennial plants & more, we have it all!

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